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We aim to provide the best NEET coaching, mentoring and guidance in Physics for the students who are pursuing the dream of getting enrolled in the most prestigious Engineering and Medical colleges of India.

Over 25 Years of Teaching

What we offer? 

We provide our services for NEET coaching through classroom, digital and distance learning programs.

  • Our Classroom Learning Programs ensure personalized attention and aim at developing the conceptual knowledge of our students.
  • Our Distance Learning Programs (DLP) deliver the same content as delivered in classrooms in a cost-effective way and help students to study at their own pace and convenience.
  • We also offer Short Term Classroom Courses for students who wish to brush up their knowledge just before the exams and gain an extra edge.

25+ Years of Expertise in Physics

More than 25 years of Physics teaching experience in Top Coaching Institutes in India

Interactive Classroom Courses

Get enrolled in Interactive Classroom Courses along with Study material and recorded lectures.

Learn Physics with ease

Learn Physics Concepts with Interactive Classroom Courses, recorded lectures and printed study material.

About US

Our Story

For more than 25 years, Neeraj Gupta has been nurturing the aspirations of students who dream about a career in medicine. Every year our students achieve good ranks and display excellent results in various medical entrance examinations such as NEET, AIIMS* and JIPMER*. 

Why is Pro NEET Physics the best place for learning Physics in Jaipur?


Experience of Over 25+ Years

An experience of over 25+ years in teaching physics in major Institutes of India.


Over 1000+ selected students

1000+ selected NEET/AIIMS & IIT students.


Batches in Hindi & English Medium

All the courses are available for English as well as Hindi medium


Study Anytime, Anywhere

Get recorded lectures in HD Quality and study material in PDF file format so that students can study anytime anywhere with ease.

Learn From Home

Interactive Classroom Courses

Getting a first-hand feel of studying in a rigorously competitive environment, our students further develop their ability of problem solving skills and demonstrate superior performance.

Every test attempted by the students gives them a clear idea of their understanding of the topic, strengths and weaknesses, ranking amongst the aspirants from across India. By being a part of the on-going year round curriculum, they adapt themselves well to the pattern of paper and are successful in the examination with ease. Besides delivering knowledge we encourage and motivate our students to make most of their abilities by boosting their confidence.

Smart students choose ProNEET Classroom Courses and learn with their own pace with the help of our teachers guidance and printed study materials.

neeraj gupta founder proneet


Neeraj Gupta

Passionate about addressing the needs of deserving students, he has been dedicatedly working towards providing focused and quality education across the nation through efficient delivery channels.
  • Well-trained and expert in delivering niche learning programs in diverse modes including classroom and live online.
  • Adequate academic expertise and other vital skills like communication, understanding of student psychology, mentoring, class management, and personal development.
  • Walks the extra mile to help students deal with stress, exam pressure, and anxiety by extending their mentoring services.

  • Known for his supportive attitude and extraordinary coaching services with a perfect blend of counseling and problem resolving attitude. 


What Our Students Say

I was in a major coaching institute. I got nothing but fear studying physics there. Then I joined Neeraj Sir’s Classes and that day and today. I’m a gynecologist in Government Medical College, Kota.

Dr. Kumkum Gupta

Goverment Medical College, Kota

There are only few people who have the ability to explain Physics to students using everyday examples and make it stick to them.
He is good, one of the best infact.

Gulshan Jangid

Student at IIT-Delhi

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Getting a first-hand feel of studying in a rigorously competitive environment, our students further develop their ability of problem solving skills and demonstrate superior performance for NEET physics.

Smart students choose ProNEET Classroom Courses and learn at their own pace with the help of our guidance and printed study materials.

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